Wednesday, October 30, 2013

connor's blessing

on september 1st we blessed connor. we're so grateful to have wonderful family close by to come and support us on this special day. honestly it was a bit of a crazy morning. we were speeding to make it to church on time and when we got there i learned that my grandma had an accident the night before and wasn't going to make it. immediately following the blessing my parents left so my mom could get on a flight to idaho. 
the best family picture we got! it just gets more and more challenging the more kids you add! dave has wore that tie for all 3 of our kids' blessings! it's also the tie all the guys in our family wore for our wedding. i love the significance of that tie and that he's chosen to wear it for each blessing. 
 i think baby blessings are so special. you are able to catch a glimpse of the potential of the precious little baby that the lord has just entrusted you with. and seeing the power of the priesthood and feeling the spirit that morning was really comforting to me as i thought about my grandma. 
connor was blessed to grow strong physically and spiritually.
that his testimony would grow.
and that he would serve a mission and be married in the temple. 
i can't think of anything that will be more of a blessing in his life than those things that he was blessed with: a strong testimony, serving a mission and temple marriage.
i didn't get any pictures of connor in his blessing outfit on the day we blessed him, so finally two months later i took a few. this blessing outfit is special because not only did logan wear it, but so did all of his boy cousins on my side (except one i think). and each time we've blessed one of our babies, i am grateful for the beautiful white blanket my grandma todd made. i love that she can be a part of this special day even though she passed away long before i ever started my family. 

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