Friday, October 4, 2013

connor: months 1 & 2

i am finally getting around to connor's monthly update post. i'd like to say that i'm running so behind posting because i now have 3 kids, but i think that was the case for the first 2 kids too! these 1 month pictures were actually taken when he was 7 weeks old and since he was practically 2 months, this is going to be his 1 & 2 month post. so it goes! 
  • at one month he was just starting to coo and now at 2 months he coos and "talks" to us a lot. we just love it!
  • he makes the sweetest little noises, especially when he eats. i had forgotten about the sweet little newborn sounds and they bring me such joy. 
  • he seemed to turn from a "newborn" into a "baby" too fast. he is a fantastic eater and is chunking up quite nicely. maybe that's why he lost that newborn look so fast.

  • he goes down to sleep well at night (around the same time as the other kids, 7:30 or so) and goes back to sleep easily after nursing in the middle of the night.
  • we're working on sleep training, so hopefully those middle of the night feedings will come to an end soon :)
  • he used to love being swaddled tight with his arms in, but now he prefers to have his arms out

  • he is so loved by his siblings! sometimes maybe a little too much ;) emma smothers him with kisses and loves constantly and we have to remind her a lot to give him some space. she even passed on her cough and runny nose to him. what a sister! of course we're so happy the kids love him so much!  
  • he has the longest eyelashes that curl. i am jealous.

                   this picture below is him on his 1 month birthday! 
  • he's most alert in the afternoon. although the constant sleepiness is starting to wear off and he is more and more alert these days.
  • he has a really strong neck and rocks tummy time (when i remember to have him do it)
  • he is starting to move his arms and kick his legs a lot more

  • he smiles! these baby smiles are the best and we'll do just about anything to try and get a smile out of him (like a lot of baby talk)! but honestly, wouldn't you do anything to see this darling smile?!

i call connor my angel baby. he is the most content, happy baby. rarely does he cry, and if he does you can figure it is either because he is hungry or needs to burp/has gas. really, that's about it. we are so happy he is ours!
2 (and a half) month stats:
13 pounds 1.5 ounces (50th percentile)
24 1/4 inches (75th percentile)
head: 40.5 cm(50th percentile)

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Holly said...

Tell me about your "sleep training" philosophy and where you get it. Maybe email me or fb so I see it for sure. My babies seem to do pretty well on their own, thank goodness, but what if I end up with one that needs to be trained and I don't know what I'm doing? :)