Thursday, November 29, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

this year, thanks to this challenge from my friend sara, i really tried to focus during the whole season (not just the day) of living with greater gratitude (thanks sara!). i didn't do it everyday (bummer, maybe next year), but i am so grateful for what i did. i read a lot of talks on gratitude and they were a powerful reminder that gratitude is not just something we say (or even do), it is a way of life. and those who choose to live a grateful life ("thanks living!") are happier people and have more joy in their lives (because they recognize it)! (this talk shares the findings of a psychologist's study that gives amazing statistics on the effect of gratitude, plus some great tips for living with greater gratitude)  it's something i want to practice more in my everyday life. 

our actual thanksgiving was pretty low key. i worked up an appetite by going to a 90- minute turbo kickboxing class (but next year we are for sure doing a turkey trot...put it on the calendar dave!). we celebrated with dave's extended family. there was an abundance of food and great company! sadly i didn't take very many pictures, although i guess the plus of that is that it's easy to blog about! 
here's a glimpse of our thanksgiving:
these are by far my favorite pictures from dinner. emma discovered the cheese dip and went to town (we had to make sure no one else used the knife after her ;) looks like this girl is taking after her mom, gammy and papa (who all love cheese)
the night ended with a rare and lovely snuggle with my girl!

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Kristen said...

Don't faint...I'm commenting on your blog! I think about it often but than never do. I just had to tell you your hair looks great in that last picture...and you have a cute family.