Wednesday, November 14, 2012

halloween 2012 happenings

since i seem to be averaging about a month to blog about any event, i feel pretty good about getting the halloween pictures posted before thanksgiving! with that said, i am including any halloween related picture in this post, which means you're in for a lot of pictures (but really, what else is new?!).  
happy halloween from the avengers: black widow, ironman, captain america and little hulk smash (as logan calls her)! logan found his costume and so we decided to coordinate the others around it. and if you know dave, this was a dream come true! we also figured our time was limited for dressing up our little girl as the hulk without inflicting self esteem issues :)
our ward did a little halloween village with games and treats and emma's costume was a hit! she made a great hulk. and the water spilled down the front of her shirt really added to the costume's effect!
logan and his best friend finn. he and heston were the cutest little cowboys.
trick or treating at gammy and pappy's house. of course the kids were spoiled. gammy can't help it, plus her favorite holiday is halloween, so she really couldn't help it! ;)
for fhe a couple of days before halloween we carved pumpkins. logan was so excited, but it was short lived. these pictures capture about how long he stuck around "helping." he wouldn't even touch the pumpkin guts. so dave and i ended up carving all 3 pumpkins alone while the kids played. that's just how it goes sometime. 
and this is what emma did
the kids loved trick or treating! logan loved running up to each house, talking to the people, choosing candy. he is so social, so it was right up his alley. before we left each house he was diligent in saying thank you and wishing the person a happy halloween. emma dragged her bag along behind her and happily chose a candy and attempted to put it in her bag. it got a little harder to drag the bag as the night went on and it got heavier, but she was determined. although her favorite part hands down was seeing all of the dogs inside the different houses. she is obsessed with animals.
it's true what they say, holidays are so much more fun with kids and trick or treating with these 2 and seeing their excitement was just magical! dave and i have been enjoying their candy ;) and we made sure to be extra diligent at removing and hiding all candy containing peanuts after emma found a snickers and proceeded to eat it (luckily she didn't have a reaction). that girl is crafty!

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