Sunday, November 11, 2012

nyc: day 3

day 3 highlights
patsy's pizza
washington square park
chinatown and little italy
riding the subway for the last time (i love riding the subway!)
central park
picnic dinner for brandon's birthday
dance party in central park
yummy ice cream
hanging out with the todd's

on sunday we went to church with ryan and lynda. i loved walking to church with them, watching brandon show off a few of his tricks on his scooter (he's quite impressive, maneuvering the crowded streets) and just catching a glimpse of their everyday life. it was hilarious to see all the strollers lining one of the hallways. stroller parking at church is something this suburban girl hadn't even thought about! 
after church we grabbed a pizza from patsy's (an offshoot of grimaldi's in brooklyn). it was amazing! this will sounds like a silly description for pizza, but it tasted so fresh! ryan had told us the 2 of us wouldn't have trouble eating a whole large pizza and that afterward we wouldn't feel gross or heavy (like a whole pizza would normally make you feel). he knew what he was talking about. it was so delicious! we took the pizza to washington square park (movie reference: august rush, which i love), sat on a bench on a gorgeous day and listened to an incredible pianist. who was playing a baby grand piano. in the park! so crazy (where is he wheeling that thing from?!). and don't mind the spiderman wandering through the picture ;)
it was one of those times that just seemed simply perfect and i remember thinking, "i love this moment!"
i thought this sign was funny. i also thought it would be more perfect for a set of missionaries to be holding it! it made me think of elder nelson's conference talk, "ask the missionaries! they can help you!"
central park never disappoints! it is seriously an incredible place and you almost forget you're in the middle of a huge city. but then you see some of the people and you remember you are most definitely in a crazy city! ;) like this gentleman who strutted around the park, in heels, a variety of dresses (and his cart was filled with various dresses and hats). he has a parrot perched on his head in the picture and his poor dog riding in the cart has dyed fur ("eyeshadow," mohawk, paws). the guy loved the attention he was getting. at one point while he was twirling and posing for all the cameras he said, "lady gaga in the house!" wow! awesome!
one of my favorite things was watching the roller skaters. i remember seeing them before and they mean serious business! they had a dj and they were rocking out. it was so fun to see the variety of people skating and you couldn't help but wonder what these people do during the week (and if this is their major release each weekend). truly there is something for everyone (and every interest) in nyc! 
below left: 4 nalgenes and a water bottle. quite impressive! oh, and towel pants!
bethesda fountain
the ramble
belvedere castle
we met up with ryan and lynda and some of their friends for a birthday picnic in central park for brandon. usually as it begins to get dark and the roller skaters are winding down, a drum circle begins. all of the families were heading home after the picnic dinner and dave and i decided to go check out the drum circle. but it didn't seem to be happening that night. instead we stumbled upon a full on dance party. i can't resist a good dance party, so we joined in and happily danced until dave was pretty certain he witnessed a drug deal. we didn't think the best way to thank ryan and lynda for their hospitality was having them bail us out of jail on our last night. it was fun dancing while it lasted though!
these kids are seriously cute! 
brandon's five!
best brother!
i am already plotting how i can get back to nyc. i just love it! and it was the best sharing it with dave! thank you ryan and lynda! truly this trip wouldn't have been possible without you guys. and thanks to our parents who took such good care of our kiddos. till next time nyc...

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