Wednesday, September 12, 2012

cheerleading reunion

yesterday i drove past my old high school at lunch time. the kids were outside, heading to different places to eat and i thought to myself, "man they are little! they can't really be in high school!" it's the same thought i often have as i see teenagers driving by me on the road. i think, "hey 12 year old boy, does your mom know you took her car?!" but then the hard truth hits me, i'm just getting older and yes, i'm sure i looked that young when i was their age too. in fact, i am double the age of some of these kids (no wonder they look young) and i have officially been out of high school for 13 years. yikes! talk about feeling old!
a couple of weeks ago we had an unofficial cheerleading reunion. it was so fun to see these girls (some of which i haven't seen in 13 years and the others it's been almost 2 years). it was fun to see where life has taken us over the years (jobs we've had/have and places we've been), talk about motherhood and watch our kids play together! 

i dug into my scrapbooks and found a few pictures from back in the day! wow, that was a long time ago (above: freshman year and below: senior year)
as a side note: i can't believe how many cheers i can still remember. it's definitely not because i've been practicing, i just think they are forever embedded in my memory. and really, these days i could use that space in my brain to remember something a little more important. 

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