Monday, September 3, 2012

wessler family camping // glenwood springs

we got a later start leaving montrose than we expected and it soon became clear that we were going to be getting to aspen pretty late. and once we arrived we would have to set up camp, cook dinner and then finally get the kids to bed. it was looking like a late night and everyone (especially the kids) were pretty exhausted. the kids hadn't really taken good naps during the trip and despite some long days in the car they still wouldn't nap in the car. they had slept decent at night, although definitely not the 12+ hours per night they are accustomed to and it was catching up to them. plus, the night before logan had what we assume was a night terror. he was sitting up screaming, although we don't think he was awake. it was so scary. pete proposed that we cut the trip a day short and spend the night in glenwood springs at a hotel. so our last night of "camping" was spent at the courtyard marriott. we were pretty bummed to cut the vacation short and not see the next 2 stages of the bike race. but in the long run it turned out for the best (and we couldn't complain about taking a shower and really comfy beds). 
there was a target across the parking lot from the hotel so dave picked up pizzas from the snack bar and we had a "pizza picnic" on the floor of our room. 
we thought logan looked so cute in the big bed. this was our first time staying in a hotel with the kids and i have to say it kinda stinks because you're in the same room as the kids and once they are in bed you can't watch tv and you have to be quiet. our kids didn't want to go to bed and thought it was play time with us all in there together. after plenty of threatening they finally calmed down and went to sleep...which meant so did we.
watching morning cartoons. this is logan's tv watching face
thanks gammy and pappy for a great trip! we had a fantastic time and can't wait for next year!
aren't those red rocks in the background beautiful?!
after a quick walk around glenwood we headed home. we had lunch in the car - bagels and cream cheese and cheetos. what was i thinking?! could i have chosen messier foods to eat in the car?! as always, emma really got into her food.
the night we got home the kids were in bed by 6:20 pm, logan slept until 8am and emma slept until 9am! tired babies! logan was especially excited to sleep in his own bed. although he had so much fun camping, starting on our drive to durango and throughout the trip he kept saying he wanted to go home and he wanted to sleep in his own bed. turns out he had a little bit of a hard time being away from home. apparently we need to travel a little bit more and i'm ok with that ;)

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