Monday, September 3, 2012

wessler family camping // montrose

after we left durango, we headed just outside of montrose to watch the second stage of the challenge. along the way we stopped in ouray, which refers to itself as "swtizerland of america." i've never been to switzerland, so i can't speak to its claim, but i can say it is charming, beautiful and i told dave we have to go back for a getaway sometime! i just fell in love with the little town (and of course my iPhone pictures do not do it justice). 
we found some beanbag chairs outside of a shop and the kids had to take a little break.
our campsite outside of montrose had access to a pond for fishing, a swingset, showers and a flush toilet! it was a nice little place with potential (it was kinda run down), but i must say in the middle of the night when i was walking to the bathroom, i thought someone was going to snatch me and do something bad to me. it was creepy in the dark. we enjoyed fishing, showers, playing on the swing set, standing on the bridge and throwing sticks into the river, twirling fire-lit sticks in the dark and talking.
there's a little fish in dave's hand that he's showing logan

i can't remember what happened in the next picture (logan probably took her stick), but it makes me laugh!
  our campsite was perfectly located right next to the road where the cyclists were racing. so we just walked up the hill and staked out our spot to watch them pass. the few members of the breakaway passed by first and soon after we saw the peloton. it is incredible how fast they are going...even up hill. it was also cool to be so close.

one of the team cars passing by gave this sign to logan and he cheered on team radioshack! 
it is unbelievable the number of support cars there are
on our way to aspen, we drove through the black canyon of the gunnison national park. it was breathtaking!
the kids loved the telephones at the visitor's center. funny how a phone like that is somewhat "old fashioned" now.


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