Tuesday, August 24, 2010

logan these days

i found these random pictures that dave took. they make me happy.

especially this one. it actually makes me laugh real hard.

i can't get enough of this kid (which is good since we spend all day, everyday together). i still find myself peeking in to watch him sleep and i love to watch him play when he doesn't know i'm watching. he still loves books and all kinds of fruit. about a month and a half ago he decided he was done being fed by someone else and wanted to do it himself. it's actually quite nice (minus all the food under his high chair when he's done. mainly because we have carpet in our eating area. lame. rice can really get stuck in carpet). he can stand on his own, but has yet to take any steps. but man can he crawl fast. he has finally figured out how to open our cupboards . dave discovered him in the bathroom eating a bar a soap from under the sink. clearly we need to get some baby proof latches. he loves to shut doors and throw toys and balls into bins and boxes. he says hi and i think it is the cutest. especially when he comes into a room, looks up at me and says, "hi!" we have discovered he bruises easily and quickly. at least on his face. sad. he knows how to go up stairs but not down (hence the bruises). he now empties his crib of everything if he is protesting going to sleep or after he wakes up. this consists of his constellation turtle, watson his glo worm and his lovey (blankie). he's got a pretty good arm and can chuck them pretty far. he babbles constantly. i love it! he calls me mom a lot now in addition to mama. he loves to bounce on beds, cushions and pillows. he loves to dance to music. he is so cute shaking his little bum. he LOVES milk and is always asking for his ba-ba. he notices water wherever we go. sprinklers, swimming pools, water bottles. he always says wa-wa when he sees water. he loves leaves on trees. kinda strange but they make him happy. especially when they are blowing in the wind. he has figured out pointing and loves to point at things. he knows where his nose is and still loves to stick out his tongue. he loves to be with other kids, even if they are not playing directly with him. he gets super sensitive when he is tired. a bonk that he would usually not notice sends him into tears if he is tired. he loves to play with cars and makes the "vroom" noise (at least his version of it) when he "drives" them. we think he is the cutest! we're definitely keeping him!

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Amy said...

So cute. It's fun to read and compare the stuff he's doing to what Megan is doing. Pretty similar. She's been throwing "Bunny" out of the crib, but then gets mad and cries and cries. So, I've stopped giving it to her to aleviate the 5am wake-ups she's been pulling, looking for Bunny. Crazy kids!