Monday, September 6, 2010


a couple of weeks ago dave and i were privileged to be part of this sweet family's baptism.

for a couple of months i have attended lessons with the sister missionaries 1-2 a week at their house. i have watched as their testimony of jesus christ and his restored gospel has grown. i have watched them make changes in their lives in preparation for baptism. and it was so exciting to finally see this beautiful mother and her 2 daughters dressed in white, ready to take this step in following jesus christ. it reminded me of my mission and how incredible it feels to share the gospel, bear testimony of the truth and the love and friendship that is developed in the process. there are few experiences that compare to the joy that comes from moments like these.

(i felt like a giant next to them!)

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Julie said...

Awesome! I just had this same experience with my neighbor. She was baptized this past Sat. I love seeing the Joy the Gospel brings. I told my husband it is just warming me up for our mission since I didn't get to serve one before we were married.