Thursday, May 13, 2010

women's conference

2 weeks ago i went to women's conference in utah with my mom and sisters. it was fantastic! here are my thoughts from that weekend:
  • i love being with my mom and sisters (we missed you lynda)! they are the most inspiring, incredible women i know. i wish we could all be together more.
  • i love BYU! i forgot how much i miss provo and that beautiful campus (seriously, check out all the tulips and mountains in the pictures below).
  • i hate pumping, especially with a hand pump. i won't go into detail, but let's just say it was the biggest pain and stressful.
  • i have the best husband and sister-in-law who took care of logan. i didn't have to worry for one second about him the whole weekend because i knew he was in great hands!
  • i am grateful for picture texts so i could still "see" my boys while i was gone.
  • i like running with my sisters, but their pace is much faster than mine!
  • individually the todd women have a hard time being on time, but when we're together it is nearly impossible. we were always rushing to our classes, not to mention we were 45 minutes late checking out of our dorm :)
  • I-15 is always under construction
  • women's conference is an amazing event. even if i look at it from strictly the event planning side (my past life), it is unbelievable.
  • it is so empowering to gather with thousands of women, who are striving like i am to follow the savior in an increasingly wicked world (imagine the power and strength gained by looking around a basketball arena of 19,000 women from across the country who have gathered to be taught and lifted by inspired women).
  • each class that i went to was so inspiring. the speakers taught with the spirit and provided some incredible insights that made me want to be so much better and a more valiant disciple of christ. the weekend was a "spiritual feast."
  • one evening they had a room full of exhibits called "sharing stations" that were created to provide practical application of many of the principles taught at women's conference. holy cow, there are sooo many incredibly talented and creative people! i was overwhelmed and came home with so many ideas. now i just have to put them into practice!
  • when the bulk of your time spent together is either walking or sitting in classes, it doesn't lead to very many (or exciting) pictures (as evidenced below).

the same weekend we were in town one of my cousins got married. it was so fun to see so many of my relatives. it has been way too long and it made me realize how much i have missed them.
us and the clarks. i love this family! we even got to meet courtney's fiance! welcome to the family mark! and see pictures of katelin's new little baby. he is a doll!
(left) my cousin megan and her cute little girl chloe
(right) my cute mom and her sister jean (the mother of the groom)

i can't wait for women's conference next year!


BEStrickLoving said...

I was just commenting the other day that I-15 is under construction all the time! I love your insights Stephanie. Thanks for letting me read your blog.

Gina said...

The Todd women are ALL so beautiful! What a blast!