Saturday, August 2, 2008

yes, i feel blessed

well, i am sure by now most of you have seen this blog:
one of my friends posted it on her blog and i was forwarded it in an email by another friend. so i have been reading it for the past week and i have to say it is hilarious. and the comments are maybe even funnier. there are some really intense people out there...i swear, almost every post there are "cyber-fights" going on in the comments section. it is pretty ridiculous but definitely entertaining.

as i have been reading the hilarious (and often accurate, although over the top) blog i was curious to see how guilty i was of being "that kind" of blogger. i was worried that maybe i would have to change my blogging style to avoid the common pitfalls of a young, female, mormon blogger. but here is the conclusion i have come to (wait for it)...i don't care! here are some of the things that i am guilty of (and are made fun of on the ssb blog):
  • i always carry my camera in my purse, often leading to taking pictures (and posting them) of random moments, including dinner dates.
  • i love stephenie meyer's books. i am excited to read "breaking dawn" and can't wait to see the "twilight" movie. it will probably be a girl's night out (GNO according to ssb blog...when i read that post it took me a minute to figure out what GNO was. clearly not an acronym in my vocabulary)
  • i like exclamation points and use them in my blog!
  • i love the cheesecake factory (and have even posted pictures of eating there...double whammy)
  • i have a sweet, romantic husband, i love him and am not afraid to blog about him or sweet things he has done
  • i will blog about our 1 year's coming!
  • if i ever have a baby girl i will have her wear cute headbands with big flower on it
  • i do feel blessed with my life.

so there you have it. despite being guilty of (at least) the above things i will continue to blog the same way i always have and laugh at myself if i see similarities when i read seriously, so blessed.


Cole and Mindy Smith said...

Love it, and by the by...that blog is HILARIOUS! Thanks for the reading pleasure.

Megs said...

Three words for you.