Tuesday, August 26, 2008

rocky mountain high

on saturday morning we woke up much earlier than we normally do (we don’t have kids which means we usually get to sleep in) and headed out to chatfield state park for the rocky mountain hot air balloon festival. i heard about it 2 years ago and have wanted to go ever since. in order to save the entrance fee to chatfield we parked just outside of the main entrance (along with hundreds of other people) and enjoyed the beautiful morning. i will admit that i don’t know much about hot air balloons, but i expected them to all go up high in the sky at the same time. that didn’t quite happen. instead some would go up high and others would hover lower and then they would switch. i kept expecting them to all go up together, but then the energizer bunny balloon appeared and that seemed to be the show finale. all in all, not quite what i expected but still pretty cool and the morning was beautiful so i can’t complain. i don’t know if we will make it an annual family event, but it was worth it once. i do want to go on a hot air balloon ride now though.

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Maegan said...

Looks like fun. Sorry it was disappointing.