Tuesday, August 26, 2008

saturday night fun

one of my tragic flaws is that i try to cram too much stuff into a limited amount of time. saturday night was one of those instances. about a month ago i got tickets from work to a suite at the rockies game. then just last week we got invited to a party at our friends’ house that started at the same time as the rockies game. dilemma right? rather than just choose one, i decided that we would go to the party for about an hour and then head to the rockies game late. this drives dave crazy! he doesn’t understand why i can’t just choose one. but i like to do it all. lucky for me he is a good sport. so after a fun chip ‘n dip party and a chance to see lots of friends we headed to the rockies game. they came alive in the 7th inning and beat the cincinnati reds 11-10.

on the way home we saw some proof of the upcoming DNC and a great fireworks. dave and i are kicking ourselves for not renting out our apartment during the DNC. it would have been some easy money and we live within walking distance of the light rail and only a short ride downtown. oh well, a good idea a little too late.

an addition to the side of a building by the pepsi center

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