Friday, June 13, 2008

visit from the taylors

last weekend my sister suzi and her family visited from logan. we had a great time hanging out, barbecuing and playing with the kids. on saturday we went on a hike to devil's head. i have great memories growing up of hiking devil's head every memorial day with families from our ward. at the end of the hike there is a fire tower that you can climb up to. there is an incredible view from the top in all directions. when i was 3 years old my family hiked devil's head. when we reached the top my dad was going to take my sisters and brother up the 143 steps to the top and left me with my mom. i didn't like the idea of being left behind and decided to climb to the top on my own. my mom, who is scared of heights, was too scared to follow after me. so she yelled for me to be careful and i joined my dad and siblings at the top! this last visit my brave mom climbed to the top with us! the boys loved climbing the rocks and we had a great time with the taylors. we're ready for you to move to colorado any time, guys! wink, wink ;)

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Amy said...

Yea! New posts! I've been checking. Your trip to Durango looks so fun. I looked the other day online at options for short road trips for us to NM when Danny has his three day weekends every other week. There's nothing that exciting at all that's not far away. Bummer. Your trip looks sooo fun. Maybe I won't have any desire to tavel any more after our six hour drive to Cali this week and other trips up to Mesa.