Wednesday, June 11, 2008

down in durango

i just dropped dave off at the airport for his "guys weekend" in lake tahoe with my brother and brother-in-laws. i came home and the house felt *very* empty. we have been apart a couple of times since we got married, but i have always been the one going out of town. so this time i get to stay home and hold down the fort. so i decided to finally catch up on some blogging
(warning: this post contains lots of pictures...i went a little crazy).

dave and i headed down to durango in southern colorado the last weekend in may for a little vacation.

on the road
dave attended college down in durango and it was fun to have him show me around campus and the town.

me in front of the clocktower on campus. all of the building were made of beautiful sandstone

we even snuck into dave's freshman dorm and found his room
the weather was gorgeous and it was a perfect weekend...with only one small glitch. dave's old mentor from college, marc and his wife marty were kind enough to let us stay with them for the weekend. they were the greatest host/hostess, the ultimate tour guides and killer domino players (we couldn't beat them)! plus at the end of the day we got to relax in their hot tub and look at the incredible stars (they really know how to treat their guests right)

the small glitch was dave had an allergic reaction to a little chihuahua who had previously stayed in our room and he couldn't breathe (a slight problem). so at 11:30 pm our first night there we had to come up with a plan b. luckily marc and marty had recently purchased a pop-up trailer (aka the cub) that was parked at their house and we stayed there.

we were officially the first people to sleep in the cub

ever since i met dave i have heard about "mama's boy," dave's favorite italian restaurant. i finally got to try it and it was delicious.

there are a couple really old, beautiful hotels on main street. this was an old elevator in one of them. i thought it was so cute and dave was obviously excited about it
fun, big bear
giddy up
on saturday we started out our day at the farmer's market. i loved it...i felt like we were locals (although all that went out the window when i pulled out the camera for a picture). we had an amazing breakfast tamale, burrito and pastry (yes, lots of good food). i felt like we were there with the most popular people in town. marc and marty knew everyone!
after the farmer's market we headed to telluride, a gorgeous town a few hours away (trivia: tom cruise and katie holmes spend the holidays in telluride, but they weren't there that day). on the way there we saw 2 things that made my day:
while we were driving along we ran into a cow "roadblock." they were just taking their time, crossing the street. i loved seeing them up close. especially the little "mooers!"
the other best thing was the house we drove by that randomly had a camel (i told you marc was the best tour guide. he knew all the hot spots). who would expect to see a camel in southern colorado?!
i loved telluride! we rode the gondola into town (that is telluride down below)
we wandered around the town, ate at a cute little place called "maggie's" (and met maggie's husband), looked at the little shops
and got ice cream at "the sweet life" (featured on rachel ray's show and visited by jennifer love hewitt). a totally cute sweet shop with amazing ice cream

we had a great weekend enjoying a beautiful part of our state and spending time with marc and marty. thanks again for your hospitality guys!
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Megs said...

You guys are always doing something so fun. The food sounds amazing and to have your own personal tour guide, so fancy ;)

Maegan said...

Did you go see the Strater hotel in Downtown Durango? Will and I stayed there for our 2nd anniversary and it was so neat. It is also very old, but very interesting. We love Durango, that is where Will's family has their reunion every year, so we are down there every summer about July.

The Jacksons said...

So fun!! What an awesome trip. Love the pictures!!