Thursday, June 26, 2008

happy birthday daddio!

last night we celebrated my dad’s birthday! we had root beer floats and took turns telling him what we love about him. it was so fun to reminisce about fun times we have had together and what a great dad he is…and has always been.
thanks dad for always supporting me in whatever i have done, for being an example of a worthy priesthood holder, for magnifying every calling you have had, for willingly serving without complaint, for working so hard, for teaching me the gospel through your words and actions, for being so fun and always playing with us, for your kindness and your constant love. you’re the best! i love you dad!
super grandpa! one of the things josh and myles said they loved about grandpa was that he reads them books. he is the best!
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Anna Cosby said...

Wow, you've been a blogging fool. I'm loving the names Myles right now. What are your other nephews' names? Any good ones I can steel?

Maegan said...

I love your daddy. He is a great man. Wish him a happy Birthday for me!

Amy said...

Lots of posts! This is a nice tribute to your dad. He seems like an amazing person. And fun times getting together with your girlfriends. I soooo wished we all lived in the same town. Though our hubbies maybe wouldn't. :)