Wednesday, June 25, 2008

guys weekend in lake tahoe

a couple of weekends ago dave met up with my brother and brother-in-laws in lake tahoe for a guys weekend. i thought he might actually be the one to blog about it...but no luck. blogging is officially my thing i guess. even though i wasn't on the trip, i think i can sum up by noting a few activities/items:
  • x-box 360 – yes, dave carefully and lovingly bubble-wrapped his x-box 360 and packed it into his suitcase for the trip, barely making the 50 pound luggage limit (only after moving his shaving kit to his carry-on). from what i understand many hours were spent playing halo 3 and trash-talking. there has even been a request to bring it to the family vacation in california next month so the guys have something to do while the women sit and talk for hours on end (totally true and bound to happen anytime the todd family…especially the todd women get together)
  • junk food – i understand chips and pop were not only consumed as snacks, but also as breakfast (while playing x-box)
  • guy talk. i know it happened and i am totally fine not knowing the details. i prefer ignorance.
  • mountain biking – i think by the end dave was wishing he had a softer seat and padded shorts!

  • fly fishing – despite multiple attempts at various times of the day (and night) fly fishing didn’t end up being very successful (much to matt’s chagrin). but my hubby sure looks cute in his waders!

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