Wednesday, May 28, 2008

memorial day weekend

we had a great memorial day weekend. after getting some of the necessary things like cleaning and laundry done on saturdayafternoon we spent the evening with my parents. we went to the temple, had pizza and ice cream and played games. it was so much fun being with them! sunday was full of church and meetings. not quite the day of rest we were hoping for, but still a wonderful day.

monday was packed to the brim. we started out at the church for a delicious breakfast put on by the high priests. once we were full of great food, we were ready to hit the trails. we headed with our friends jake and the smiths - cole, mindy, lincoln and payton to castlewood canyon for some hiking. it was the perfect weather for hiking, the scenery was beautiful and we had fun with our friends! cole and mindy have *the cutest* kids and it was fun to be with them. lincoln is dave's little buddy and they had a great time together!

after the hike, we ran home to shower and headed over to dave's parent's house to meet up with his family, grandparents and aunt/uncle/cousins. i played ddr [dance dance revolution] for the first time and i must say, i wasn't very good at it. i definitely need to practice. then we ran to a bbq at seth and megan's house and had a great time visiting with friends. we finished up the night by seeing the new narnia movie and we recommend it. whew!! i'm tired just recapping the day. it was fantastic and a much needed break from work!


The Jacksons said...

What a fun filled weekend!! :)

Amy D. said...

Sounds like a fun, busy weekend! Those pics or your hike are beautiful. We may do a Raytheon rotation in Denver during these two years. I'm way afraid of the cold, though.

Megs said...

Wow, you guys know how to have a good time. I love it.