Thursday, May 8, 2008

highlights of the week

2 years ago dave asked me out for a date on may 5. he had planned to take me on a picnic, but it ended up being rainy and so he spread a blanket on his living room floor and we had a picnic with chinese food indoors. so to celebrate cinco de mayo this year i surprised dave and recreated the date (well, part of it). here is dave enjoying a little chinese food on a blanket in our living room (notice he can never make a normal face in pictures). it's crazy what can happen in 2 years!

our latest discovery...hola fruta! we totally recommend it.

getting a refund check from t-mobile for the new phone i bought. i ended up making $30 on the phone. not bad!

this week has been a tough week for me at work...too much work and too little time. i have wanted to cry more than once (actually i think i did once) and i have wanted to walk out a couple of times. but that's not an option and now there is just one more day of work before i leave for our conference in nashville (what all the work has been for). dave has been so wonderful as i have been a total stress case this week. tonight i came home and there were tea light candles all over the apartment, 2 dozen roses and he had dinner ready. after dinner he insisted i take a bath and relax while he did the dishes. i sure am a lucky girl. he is the best!!


The Jacksons said...

Wow! I need to be pampered like that!!

C-Dub said...

Sheesh, Dave! Way to make the rest of us look bad!

Karen said...

It is great to read and see what you are all doing. I think that blogs are awesome way to keep in touch. I hope you remember me, I'm your noisey cousin from Idaho. I will be sending you a family group sheet that I need you to finish for me please. I gave a copy to your grandpa so you could just give him the information. I am really hoping to get this done for the reunion on the 28th of June. So please see if you can help me, my email is