Sunday, May 25, 2008

the end of an era

for almost 3 years i have been an ordinance worker at the denver temple. it has been an incredible opportunity to serve and grow. my understanding, love of the temple and its' sacred ordinances has increased and my gratitude for the beautiful plan of salvation has grown. it has been a blessing to be taught by our incredible temple presidency. i have now been called to work with the young women and mutual falls on the same night that i work at the temple. this past wednesday was my last time working and it was bittersweet. i will miss the opportunity to spend so much time serving in the temple (i guess i'll need to go as a patron more often now) and i will miss the wonderful people that i have been able to serve with. but i look forward to building new relationships and serving with the girls in young women's.

the picture at the top was taken from sara and eli morey's blog. great picture guys! thanks! and the pictures below were taken by our wonderful photographer the day we were married.

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Amy D. said...

I'm sad for you and happy at the same time. How lucky you've been to be able to do that for three years. You'll love YW and you'll do a phenomenal job! I'm so glad your big event went well and was a success. Way to go!