Tuesday, January 15, 2008

one goal for 2008

last night for fhe after getting our rings cleaned (now they are really sparkly and shiny) and having some good greek food (thanks to a $2.99 coupon for gyros), i began working on one of my goals for 2008...learning to play the guitar! it's actually been my goal for over a year and dave even taught me a few chords last year. but i wasn't the best student and forgot everything (oops), so we are starting over. last night i cut my nails (yes, i am getting serious) and dave re-taught me a couple of chords (and my finger tips are feeling it today). good thing my teacher is patient because i get frustrated with myself easily...well, mainly with my fingers because they *refuse* to curve. seriously, they have a mind of their own and i keep muting strings. but i am determined to learn, so here we go!

the serious student hard at work

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Maegan said...

That is awesome that you are learning the guitar and that Dave is your teacher. You will be an awesome player in no time!