Wednesday, January 23, 2008

calling all women!!

i just got called as the enrichment leader in my ward and i want to pick the brains of the women readers! leave a comment of an enrichment activity or group that you have heard about or attended and enjoyed. for enrichment groups we are already starting or doing a book club, cooking group, sewing group and play group. please help me and send your ideas! thanks!


Gina said...

Hey Steph! Congrats on your new calling. Enrichment leader was one of my favorite and hardest callings.
One of the best activities we did was we had everyone bring a "gift" that represented themselves to give to another sister. Then we had everyone randomly grab a gift. One person stands up and says what gift they have, then the person who brought that gift stands up and says what it is and why they brought that. Then they show the gift they picked up, and that person shares why they brought it. It goes on and on until everyone has shared.
I can send you a copy of the invitation we sent around.
This works great for one of the quarterly enrichments you have to do.
People brought artwork, recipes, books, etc, etc. It was so fun to see how creative people are and to learn more about people. We encouraged people to not spend money, but to find something that they already have.
Other ideas are card swaps, and recipe exchanges. It sounds like you have a good amount of focus groups already!
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Something that alot of the women in my ward do is card club once a month. They really like getting together and leaving the kids with husbands to make cards.


Jessica said...

My moms ward just had a spa night for enrichment. They did yoga and had facials and manicures. I think that sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

Trying to think of everything we have ever done, though maybe is more for crazy singles, you could still do it:

Ides of March Party--Little Caesar pizza, caesar salad, Orange Julius. Play some Roman games: discus throw (frisbee), joust (swim noodles), etc. Just have fun!

Cinco de Mayo party! Pinatas, mexican food. Invite husbands for some salsa dancing!

Photography night. Share some basic tips for taking good photos (lighting, move in closer to your subject, watch for distractions in the background, rule of thirds) then set up some backgrounds with good lighting and have the sisters practice modeling for each other.

5 minute desserts. Something fast and easy that's fun!

Those are just some of our more recent things, but they were fun. Use what you'd like!


Veldon and Joyce said...

I am a current co-enrichment leader for our RS. It is a daunting task to meet the needs of ALL the sisters. I am putting together some ideas and will get them to you soon.