Tuesday, January 22, 2008

dave's birthday weekend

dave turned 26 on sunday (which means we are the same age for 15 days) and we had a fun time celebrating. we kicked off the birthday celebration by going with his family to dave & buster's saturday night. we had a blast being with them and playing all the games!!

the boxing game...it is hilarious to watch

i don't know what game this was, but it meant dave got to sit in a bubble-like thing

police 911- my *favorite* game. you get to act like a police officer, going after the bad guys and you really have to move and duck so they don't shoot you. bad description, but trust me, it's fantastic!

virtual kayaking...we didn't get far but it was still fun (and entertaining to watch)

sterling and kari...they were definitely entertaining to watch... and listen to

pete and kathy having a go at it

sunday morning dave had to be at the church at 8:15 am for a meeting. so when he came home i had cinnamon rolls, sausage (and interesting combo, i know) and juice waiting for him

it was also the first time we used the "you are special today" plate my mission president and his wife gave us for our wedding!! so much fun!

that night i made dave stay in the bedroom while i made him a surprise birthday dinner

this was my attempt at one of his favorite dishes, chicken parmigiana. it turned out pretty good for my first try

second round of the "you are special today" plate

that night we had some friends and family over for brownie sundaes

special thanks to pete and kathy who saved the day with eggs and vegetable oil (when i realized a half hour before the party that i didn't have enough of either to make the brownies...oops!) without them their would have only been sundaes. and thanks to larry and sandy for providing some fun toppings. it was a fun night and once again i forgot to take pictures. i am really slacking as a photographer these days.

happy birthday baby! thanks for being such a kind, thoughtful, sweet, considerate, fun husband! it was wonderful to celebrate you this weekend!

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