Tuesday, October 9, 2007

welcome fall!!

i know fall officially started a couple of weeks ago, but i didn't get to give summer a proper send off so i am doing it now. we had such a fun summer and it is hard to believe it is over. below is a photo collage of some of our fun times. and now...welcome fall! it is my favorite season and i love how the weather is already a little cooler (but not too cold), the leaves have started to change colors and they have started serving pumpkin bread in the cafe at work! it gets me excited for the upcoming holidays...halloween: costumes, *CANDY*, parties and thanksgiving: turkey trot, no work and lots of *FOOD* so here's to a new season and lots of fun memories!

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Kristen said...

Very cute! I love the fall as well. I can't wait for Halloween. What are you guys going to be? Us: The grinch, Cindy Lou Hoo, and Max