Saturday, October 27, 2007


i have lived in colorado for a majority of my life but each place i have lived has been in the 80122 zip code. dave has had more variety than me:
80122, 80121, 81301
but the last weekend in september we said goodbye to 80122 and are now proud residents of denver, colorado 80237! after much searching we found an apartment that we liked, was in our price range and exactly in the middle of where we both work. we underestimated the amount of stuff we have and filled a u-haul and 3 other cars. we were lucky to have so many friends and family help us...although i don't know how lucky they felt giving up their saturday morning...especially when they found out we were moving into an apartment on the 3rd floor! needless to say everyone got their exercise that day. we love our new place and have had so much fun getting settled and re-discovering all our wedding gifts. it's almost been like getting them all over again!!

jake loading up all the wedding presents on the front lawn

he seems really happy moving the mattress

our first apartment after we were married.
goodbye #6. you've been good to us.

hello #1733. we can't wait to create new memories with you!

the gang of movers. they were the best! thanks guys!

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