Friday, October 26, 2007

i got tagged

so i got "tagged" by both gina and cara which means i am supposed to share 6 random facts about myself. at first i couldn't think of anything interesting to share...then i decided it didn't need to be interesting, just random (and i have plenty of random stuff to share). so here we go:

  • I befriend all the janitors at work. I know their names, where they are from and what is going on in their lives [as much as we can communicate…we speak a lot of Spanglish and I ask “como se dice?” (How do you say?) a lot]. For example, Antonia is from Mexico and is pregnant with her 8th baby, a little girl and she’s due on Halloween.
  • The toilet paper has to roll over and not under. I know, it’s a little OCD and I have been know to flip the roll because it bothers me otherwise. I try not to change it at other people’s homes though in case they are under and not over people. Good thing Dave doesn’t care or it could be a problem! :)
  • I love to wear black (it was even one of our wedding colors), although in recent years I have tried to add more color to my wardrobe.
  • I love to travel and discover new cultures (although we can’t really afford it right now) and hope to live abroad one day.
  • I am addicted to and read it religiously everyday. I can tell you more about celebrity gossip and pop culture that you would probably care to know.
  • I love detailed stories. If you ever tell me a story I expect details and if you don’t give them I will ask A LOT of questions until I am satisfied!

alright, like i said, not too interesting but random. i now tag maegan, megan, kelly and dana.

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