Friday, February 28, 2014

snowy day

i'm really not a big fan of winter (which isn't a surprise to people who know me well). in fact, each year i like winter less and less (it's been years since i have been skiing. maybe if i go again if will rekindle a little bit of my love for winter). i do think the first snow is magical and i love the idea of having a white christmas. but otherwise, i think i would be perfectly content to live in a place where it doesn't snow. but since i do live in a place with snow, i figured we should get out and enjoy it a bit. we played around for a bit, threw snowballs at our parked car, realized quickly that building a snowman just wasn't going to happen with this snow and i taught the kids how to make snow angels. logan didn't last too long, but emma sure loves playing in the snow!
and then to really take advantage of the snow, we made snow cream, a new discovery of mine which was met with mixed reactions. 
i think we've had our fill of snow, so we'd be okay if spring came to stay. but as i type this, the weather forecast tomorrow is for cold temperatures and icy rain/snow. so it looks like i'll have to suck it up a little longer.

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