Monday, February 24, 2014

david, the birthday boy!

this year, dave's birthday was a bit unusual. we were originally so excited because he was going to have work off, thanks to martin luther king jr. day. but then his grandma passed away at the end of december and the funeral was scheduled for his birthday. if you can even believe it, this is the 3rd funeral that has been on his birthday (the other 2 were great grandparents). despite the circumstances of the day, we tried our best to make it a special day for him (although truth be told, it's a little sad not to get all the attention focused on you on your special day. it's the one day out of the year you legitimately get to be the center of attention). we started out the morning singing happy birthday and then he got to blow the (3 random) candles on his cinnamon crumb cake muffin out.  
i folded 32 origami hearts and wrote something that i love about him in each one to celebrate his 32 years! 
if there was one positive about having a funeral on dave's big day, it's that erin, john and sophie were here from utah. we love them so much and were so glad they could be here.
 we met up at park burger for a yummy dinner. so many people in the family got hit with the flu, so we were happy people were feeling good enough for this dinner to even happen.
logan's friend at school taught him how to cross his eyes and now it's a favorite party trick ;)
we went around and all said something that we love about dave. it's one of my favorite things to do on birthdays.
 after dinner we came back to our house for brownies and ice cream. and logan and dave surprised pappy with a little scout dress up!
 i'm so grateful dave was born 32 years ago. he is the best husband and father and makes my life so fun! life is sure sweet with him! i just know 32 is going to be a great year!

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