Monday, February 24, 2014

it's baby food time for connor!

i'm wasn't too anxious to start connor on baby food because i knew it would be one more thing i needed to do at an already busy time (meal time). but we couldn't put it off forever, so the day before this guy turned 6 months we started him on some baby oatmeal and squash. as you'll see from the pictures, he wasn't a big fan. although i think it was actually that he didn't know what to do with this strange stuff that was suddenly in his mouth. so he just let it sit there. after a few more tries he got it down and now, a month later he loves baby food (especially the fruit, he's no fool) and can easily eat oatmeal and 2 things of baby food in one sitting (followed by nursing). we can't seem to feed him fast enough. if we take too long in between bites (like if we try to take a bite of our own dinner) he lets us know we need to pick up the pace. 

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