Thursday, January 9, 2014

tis the season

i love all of the wonderful events and traditions that come along with the christmas season and we celebrated the whole month long. we especially loved that dave was off work the whole week of christmas and we tried to soak in all our time with him. i eagerly anticipated the arrival of christmas cards (one of my favorite parts of the season) and got even more excited as i looked back through cards from previous years. we did our book advent again this year and i think it's one of the kids favorite parts of the season. they could not wait to unwrap the book each night before bed. we saw santa THREE times, once at a preschool pancake breakfast, once at our ward party and once at the streets at southglenn (our favorite one by far). we went to a fun candy cane festival at the hammond's candy factory. they are famous for their candy canes and sell them all over the world. it was a fun event that i hope can become a new tradition. we also went to a [free] screening of "the polar express" at the wildlife experience with kari and collin. it was so magical! the kids all got a ticket (like from the movie) when we got there and afterward they got to take home a bell. i probably loved the whole experience as much as the kids. it will definitely be a new tradition! the kids participated in the nativity at our church christmas party. they were the cutest wise man, angel and baby jesus you've ever seen! we went to the wildlife experience with dave, saw "frozen" (i am obsessed), went to church with my parents, made the worlds most ghetto gingerbread house. don't even get me started about how frustrated i was with that dang thing. but the company was good and we ate some of the candy off it afterward, so it wasn't a total bust. and had our second annual family room picnic dinner (takeout) and family movie night. we also drove around and looked at christmas lights, watched all the harry potter movies and our christmas favorites like "the nativity story," "white christmas" (a todd family christmas tradition) and "elf" (which i watched by myself since dave doesn't like it. what?!)! and now for the pictures!
last year we used our visit to santa to announce to our families we were expecting. so glad to have connor here with us now!

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