Tuesday, May 7, 2013

slice of life: ordinary days

we all love when daddy comes home!
i think making forts or "tents" is one of the kids favorite things to do
my little acrobats! 
photography by logan
dave rocks! we need to have another girl because he is so good at pampering them. he does hair and nails!
 "hiding" from daddy when he got home from work
these two love to help in the kitchen
donut break on our mommy/son bike date
(btw, donut breaks are totally better than water breaks)
getting tested for a peanut allergy is exhausting!
 enjoying a new bath toy from great grandma lorrie

 this picture kills me! i think there is a little something going on with these two!
 and to prove dave and i exist ;)
dave was shaving off his beard and decided to make the process disgusting exciting!

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