Friday, November 5, 2010

turtle power

we had a great halloween weekend (and week leading up to it). it involved 2 truck-or-treats, a halloween party, trick-or-treating to both sets of grandparents, chili and cornbread, the movie "hook" (it had been awhile since i had seen it and it did not disappoint) and handing out candy to the neighborhood kids (dave was so excited to hand out candy. you should have seen him jump up every time the doorbell rang. it was awesome!).

logan with his cousin lexi (and her friend). lexi was an arapahoe cheerleader! she was even wearing her mom's old uniform from back in the day! talk about vintage ;)

logan was a turtle. a dang cute one! the fact that he was still crawling made it even cuter (because then you could see his shell). i don't feel like any of the picture really capture his cuteness, but i'm posting a lot of "okay" ones anyway.

dave and his co-worker dressed up as another co-worker (kind of their boss, although not technically) for halloween (he's the one in the middle). funny thing, they're all named david! they even won a contest!

pumpkin time!
i thought it was great because i didn't have to clean mine out. dave did all the dirty work! logan learned how to say pumpkin that night ("punky") and has been pointing out any pumpkins he sees this week as we drive through the neighborhood. he is so dang cute!

dave got super detailed with his pumpkin's teeth. they're pretty awesome! and apparently the squirrels think they're great too. they've eaten them all off.


Gina said...

Looks like such a fun halloween!!! Logan's turtle costume is SO cute!

Amy said...

That's a great costume! I love the pumpkins too.