Monday, November 22, 2010

today was a good day

definitely better than your average monday; although let's be honest, the days of the week often feel the same to me (just my different classes at the gym distinguish them). but today was full of family and i loved every minute of it. i got to: stop by and see my sister-in-law, kari (i hope everyone is lucky enough to have a sister-in-law like her), visit grandparents (they got to see logan walk for the first time and grandma lorrie reminded me i haven't posted for awhile), celebrate my sister's birthday with she and my mom over lunch, talking (of course, we're todd women) and browsing through totally cute (and expensive) home decor shops and ended the day with pizza at my parent's house and seeing the power of the priesthood in action as my mom received a blessing before her surgery tomorrow. i happened to snap a picture of my mom reading to logan. he is totally obsessed with books these days and i can't read him enough (he is always begging for more). my mom loves reading books to her grandkids so she is in heaven. it's days like today that remind me how blessed i am to live so close to so much family.

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