Wednesday, November 24, 2010

toddler time

even though age-wise logan has been a "toddler" for months now, as long as he was crawling he still seemed like a baby to me (and i was holding onto my baby as long as i could). but almost 3 weeks ago (november 4) he decided he was ready to walk and he's been cruising around ever since (i just realized i haven't taken any pictures of him walking). he looks so cute waddling around. he's trying to pick up speed and run now and he falls quite a bit (which i have to admit is really funny to watch sometimes). so it seemed almost overnight that my baby turned into a toddler. the other thing that made it clear he is growing up (too fast) is he got his first haircut (november 15). his hair was getting a little longer in the back but his little curls were so cute that we couldn't bear to cut them. until one day we were looking at him and he didn't have cute curls anymore, he had a mullet (and as cute as he is, even he can't pull off a mullet).
the before

so the next day aunt kari came over to give him his first haircut. he sat on my lap, enjoyed a dum dum and was a total rock star!

don't you just want to kiss that little face?! (pardon my big boobs and chubby belly that also made a cameo in the picture)

the after
and a shot with his professional stylist (i'm glad i didn't have to cut his hair:)

no more curls (sniff), but he sure looks handsome! it's actually grown so much over the last week i think we might need to cut a little more off!


Carla said...

So dang cute! He looks totally handsome with the new 'do. Can't believe how quick these little ones group up. Miss you guys!

Melanie said...

What is wrong with rockin' a mullet? I think I did it quite well for many months in Toronto. :)

Amy said...

Love the new haircut. So fun that he's walking. Congrats on having a little girl. So much more fun to shop for. :)