Wednesday, September 8, 2010

beans and bath

logan tried refried beans last night and he loved them!

until he rubbed his dirty, beany hand in his eye and realized they go much better in him mouth than his eye.

it was straight into the bath for him

where he showed off his latest trick of flipping onto his belly and "swimming."

maybe we didn't go swimming enough and he is resorting to bathtub swimming now.
(sorry if you're offended by his little, white butt. i think it's pretty darn cute. i am biased though)


Carla said...

So cute! Except for the beans in the eye. Poor guy. And totally know what you mean about the 3-day weekend withdrawal afterwards. Looks like it was fun though. (except for the whole baby not sleeping...that's never fun.)

Amy said...

Awesome! I love those little bunsies!