Monday, March 16, 2009

weekend happiness

some things that made me happy this weekend:
  • coldstone ice cream
  • driving with windows down
  • feeling the spirit at my relief society program rehearsal
  • homemade calzones - dave has wanted them for weeks...or maybe months. but i am intimidated by making dough (although not cookie dough). i finally got my act together and they were sooo good!
  • we have a woodpecker that pecks on a metal thing on our roof (stupid woodpecker). that doesn't make me happy. it is actually really annoying. but i learned that it happens every spring because they are looking for a mate. i hope they all find one soon. so at least there is an end in sight.
  • watching "star wars." we've been watching all of them and are part way into the last one. i've seen them all before, but it's been so long ago i feel like i'm watching them for the first time (dave probably feels that way too because i ask a lot of questions). i really like them. my nephews would be so proud (as is my husband)!
  • buying maternity clothes. and getting 30% off (thanks heather)! it is the first time in my life i am excited to "grow into" clothes (usually i am trying to lose weight to "fit into" clothes). i am at the annoying in between stage where my regular shirts are not quite appropriate (totally inappropriate because of my huge boobs) and my maternity shirts are too big. 
  • cleaning my make-up brushes. no too exciting but it's been on my to-do list for awhile so it made me happy to finally get it done (because crossing things off my to-do list makes me soo happy)
  • going for a fantastic run on saturday morning. we have a great trail right by our house.
  • meeting my neighbor. although the circumstances weren't the best. let's just say the key i hid under the rock before i went running was missing by the time i got back. my neighbor came to the door in only his bathrobe (made for an awkward first meeting) but he let me use the phone, gave me a tour of his house and was totally nice.
  • getting birthday shoes (well, shoes with birthday money)
  • feeling our little guy moving like CRAZY! 
  • our ward chili cook off. i didn't win a prize but it was still so much fun!
  • getting a blue raspberry icee
  • new eye shadow 
  • sunday nap
  • a surprise package in the mail from my friend gina
  • painting my toes
  • having a new young woman move into our ward
  • going on a hospital tour of the hospital we might deliver at
  • buying green grapes for 88 cents a pound
now it's off to work to start another week. i must say i much prefer weekends :)

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Maegan said...

And what hospital might that be?