Tuesday, March 24, 2009


if i had an unlimited amount of money (don't worry, i'm not holding my breath for that one) i would get at least 1 massage a month. they are heavenly. tonight i finally cashed in on my birthday present from dave, a one hour massage. i think he was questioning if i was really excited because it has almost been 2 months. but there was this part of me that wanted to hold onto it because then i could keep looking forward to it (because once it's gone, it's gone). i know it's weird logic. i must say, a one hour massage has to be the fastest one hour ever. i always swear they aren't giving me my full hour because it seems too short. i wish one hour at work would go that quick! i can't wait until my next one (whenever that may be). until then, i will count on my sweet husband to rub my back and feet (he rocks at the foot rub)! 


Julie said...

I am so with you. I received a gift card for a one hour massage after my 2nd child. 2 more kids later and I'm still dreaming about that hour. One day, I will deffinately be working one in once a month or every other month. Worth every penny.

Amy said...

Nice!! I've only had one in my entire life and it was when I was prego with Emily. I got a thing in the mail for being pregnant for a free 30 minute one. I must agree on two fronts: they are awesome and if I had a ton of money I'd get one regularly as well. That's a good gift idea - kudos to Dave for that one!

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

I love massages! Do you have kaiser? They have massages at three clinics...so nice!!!