Sunday, January 18, 2009

merry christmas and a happy new year!

i’ve decided blogging is infinitely easier (or at least less daunting) if you don’t take tons of pictures (like i did at thanksgiving). although not as much fun to look at.

christmas was wonderful (although i really don’t have any pictures to show for it). we celebrated christmas eve with my parents. we had fondue that was so good...i am in love with cheese fondue and bread (i think 3 of us ate a serving that was meant for 6 people). following dinner we read throughout the scriptures of prophecies of christ’s birth. my dad chose christmas songs sung by the mormon tabernacle choir that went with the scriptures and it was a really special night. after we got home dave and i gave each other our presents…our christmas tradition (for the second year in a row). i got dave a fly fishing rod, reel and line. he was sooo excited. he sat in our living room and practiced his casting.


he got me "goodnight moon," which was my favorite book when i was really little (i loved it so much i took it into the bath with me and ruined it). it was exciting to get a few things for baby wessler.

dave put one of my presents in a honey nut cheerio box. i laughed when i unwrapped it because it reminded me of when i was little and our presents were often in cereal boxes. they weren’t always wrapped, so we would be like, “who does the chex box belong to?”

we spent christmas day with dave's family. we had so much fun! the day included lots of lounging and what seemed like constant food. the picture below is dave’s dad trying to figure out if the prime rib was cooking. i thought it was too funny and i couldn’t resist taking a picture…the only one of the whole day.

i also got to take a nice nap on the world’s most comfortable couch. christmas day kicked off our 3 days of relaxing and hanging out. honestly i wore "comfy" pants for 3 days straight and it was awesome (i did shower, but then changed right back into comfy pants...2 days without jeans/real pants...that's the best). we hung out, watched “scrubs” and played games at home.

new year’s eve followed our same relaxed pattern. my brother ryan and his family came into town from nyc. we made won-tons on new year’s eve and they were delicious. 

something in the air started bothering my eyes and i decided to cool them off in the freezer (it works with onions so i thought it might help with this too). dave took advantage of the photo op of course!


and we introduced my mom to guitar hero. she has real potential!


Maegan said...

Love Sandy! Looks like it was a really fun holiday!

Amy said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Danny's always been interested in learning how to fly fish - back from our Idaho days (there's not a lot of good places here in the AZ desert). He'd be jealous of Dave. Loved the freezer shot and the one of your mom playing Guitar Hero.

Megs said...

I figured you were just looking around for a treat in the freezer. That is what I am usually doing!!

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

hey, we are delivering at St. Joseph in Denver..we are with Kaiser. Where are you delivering? We signed up for a few classes down there. They are fun, and you don't have to deliver there to take the classes there. We are actually taking a 4 week class starting in february, and then I signed Evan up for a Daddy BootCamp. It is supposed to be taught by men for men, to help show how to help with baby, wife, and post partum if it happens. pretty cool. we have 3 more months..i am sooo excited:)