Sunday, September 21, 2008

so cute

today was the primary program at church and i must say i look forward to this sunday. not only is it totally the girl that held a huge asian fan and fanned herself during her presentation and when the kids sang - random - and of course the kids that wave to their adoring fans in the audience...but i am also always touched by the sweet testimonies and talks that are shared. the theme of the program was "i am a child of god" and as i heard this kids share their testimonies about being a child of god and what that means i was so touched. here were little kids (i don't know what age primary starts at) testifying of an amazing gospel truth that a majority of adults in the world don't even understand. how incredible! and what a blessing that these kids will grow up knowing they are children of god. i sure love this gospel!

dave and i also got to watch darling creed since his parents are in the primary. he is 6 months old and such a happy guy! we loved taking care of him...although dave is the one who mainly took care of his since he seemed to prefer dave to me. i don't blame him...dave is a stud! i wanted to steal a picture of creed from his parent's web site, but i don't know how they feel about me posting a picture of their kid on my site. so you just have to trust me that he is sooo cute!

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Jaimie said...

lol you could've taken one of his pictures. Thanks again for doing that!