Sunday, September 21, 2008

boondocks and ben & jerry's

to celebrate dave's new job we headed up to boondocks fun center on friday night to play.

this is the pimped out bmw we parked next to. and for those interested, it is for sale. score! i am sure we can find the phone number for anyone interested.

on your marks, get set...go!
dave and i started out with the go-karts. i think the last time i drove a go-kart was when i was in middle school. i was all ready to burn it up, but my car didn't seem to respond as quickly as i was hoping. other kids were flying by me and i had the pedal pushed all the way down. is it because i weighed more than the other kids and my car was dragging?! who knows. dave's car ended up dying right when our turn was over. he had to be pushed back to the starting line. our cars may have struggled, but we had a great time!

next up...the flight simulator. this thing tossed us all over the place. luckily neither of us lost our dinner :)

next we tested our luck at the batting cages. i don't know if i have ever been before, but it was great! plus it made me feel good because i could hit the ball (i wasn't always that lucky when i played softball). i only wore the helmet for the picture because it was so huge i don't know if i would have been able to see the ball.

next batter on deck

last up...laser tag. our team tore it up! don't mess with us!

we finished up the night with some ben & jerry's. i had to laugh because this is what i found later. oops! luckily we caught it soon enough and no permanent damage was done. back to the *freezer* it went!

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