Wednesday, September 17, 2008

crazy in cherry creek

last night dave and i headed to the cherry creek area to check out the "cherry cricket" for dinner (thanks mindy for the suggestion). it was really good, although i made a big mistake when i ordered. i am trying to eat more healthy and so rather than ordering the burger i was craving, i ordered a turkey burger. bad choice. really, i should have just gone with the burger because i wasn't digging the turkey burger. in the end i finished off part of dave's burger (complete with bacon) and some of his fries. so much for eating healthy. i won't make that mistake again :)

after wandering around we found ourselves at "the wizard's chest." it totally rocks and has all sorts of games, costumes and random things. our course we made our way to the costume section and ended up (as we often do) trying on crazy hats. i think it is one of our favorite things to do...we are easily entertained.

"nice bum, where you from?"

"redneck. and darn proud of it"

go rams...not really, but they didn't have a cougar. i am in colorado after all

medusa in all her glory...or at least in her hat

i loved these glasses. i seriously almost bought them.

this visit got me thinking about halloween. so many options...

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Hilary said...

you guys are crazy! HAHA Hope you are having a great week!

Hilary and Evan Biddulph said...

i meant to sign in with this blog address..cheers!

Cole and Mindy Smith said...

OH man...the ram hat is HILARIOUS! And I for sure think Dave should be Wolverine-with the naked bummmmmm...

Jessica said...

Great pictures!! Looks so fun. My office is right next to the Cherry Cricket, but I haven't ever eaten there... silly me.