Sunday, February 17, 2008

birthday fun!

my birthday was on a monday this year and dave made the weekend before (the first weekend in february) really special. we went to the temple with my parents on friday night which was wonderful. even though we live close, we don't get to see them as much as i would always like. saturday night dave organized a little dinner with a few of my girl friends and acted as bartender (you had your choice of a virgin strawberry daiquiri or pina colada), served hors d' oeuvres, acted as chef and waiter. he did a fantastic job and totally loved playing all the different parts...he is a total ham and loves to perform. then we had a fun time just chatting. i'm grateful to have made such good friends here in denver.

sunday we went to my parent's house for dinner and games. my mom made a delicious dinner, the table was decorated so cute, i got to use the special red plate and dessert was wonderful. it is fun to live so close to them. dave and i played hooky from work on monday, my actual birthday, and it was *fantastic* we slept in and then i opted for a birthday breakfast rather than a birthday dinner. i got my favorite french toast at the original pancake house

after breakfast we went shopping and i had a great time trying on all sorts of shoes (as illustrated below).

i didn't end up with new shoes or a new purse like i had intended, but i did get a new coat and some "birthday" jeans so it wasn't a wasted day at the mall. after shopping we went bowling and i ended up beating dave (my final score that is). i must say i didn't do too bad...which is quite the surprise. it must have been a birthday miracle.

i still can't believe that i am 27. it seems much older than 26. nonetheless, i had a great time celebrating!


Kristen said...

Okay, sorry for forgetting your birthday! It looks like you had a really fun time and got to celebrate all weekend long. That is awesome! Happy 27th, I'll be joining you soon...seriously, I don't feel that old either. 21, anyone?

Megs said...

That looks like the best birthday ever. DId I miss what the menu was. What did you decide to have. I am so glad that you had a great birthday!

The Dixons said...

What a fun birthday! Happy belated, by the way. I'm glad you got to do something with some girlies, but I wish it were us! Bowling is really fun and I want to do it more.