Sunday, August 3, 2014

logan's star wars lego party

this year we ventured into a whole new world by hosting a friend party for logan's birthday. 5 seems like the perfect age to start. logan knew exactly what he wanted the theme of his party to be: lego star wars. and thank goodness for pinterest and creative people, because i got some great inspiration. actually though, dave came up with most of the ideas for the games, so i've got to give him his credit! i've written this before, but i sure love throwing parties with him. my favorite part is staying up (usually late) with him the night before, decorating and getting everything in place. logan requested donuts and we had some hans rolos and ewok cookies (teddy grahams). we had a [handsome] jedi explain the games we would be playing: pin the light saber on darth vader, shooting down clones and darth sidius with a nerf gun, finding the rebel fleet in a room of balloons (there were 3 ships taped to 3 balloons) and "fighting" with bubble light sabers. a highlight of the party was a visit from a rebel pilot (dave's friend david guillen, who was so nice to take time out of his weekend to surprise a group of 4 & 5 year olds). it was a fun and exhausting experience! 
coloring as guests arrived
i love this picture below. sebastian had just knocked darth sidius off the shelf (you can see him falling) and i love everyones reaction. 
the cute babies that got to attend
trying to find the 3 ships from the rebel fleet
we were so lucky that cade and carter happened to be in town and could come to the party.
all in all, i think it was a successful day! we sure loved celebrating this cute 5 year old!

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