Monday, August 11, 2014

connor: 12 months

it is hard to believe this little guy has been in our family for a year. this year has flown by. i feel like i was just laying on the couch on a friday night having some weird "pains!" he is just a dream! he is a sweet, good natured, happy baby and we couldn't feel more blessed to have him. the first birthday is always a bittersweet birthday for me, because i feel like my babies grow up too fast (and for none has that been truer than for connor), but it's also exciting because i know it just gets better and more fun as they grow. i can't wait to see this little boy's personality develop and bloom.
12 month stats:
21 pounds 3.5 ounces
29 inches
head - 46 cm

these days connor:
loves looking out his bedroom window
is ticklish. especially on his legs and belly. he gives the best big laughs when you tickle him
is standing and not holding on to anything. he has even started pushing up from the floor to standing.
is so close to walking. he'll take about 3 steps before sitting down and walks between the couches and the coffee table. i totally thought he would be walking by now. it's going to happen any day now.
loves trucks and cars. he drives them around, making a "vroom" noise
loves playing in dishwasher. he pulls out the plates and drops them on the floor (luckily usually the plastic ikea ones) and loves pulling out the utensils (especially the knives) and drumming on the floor with them.
loves when i do the "grand old duke of york," "ride a horse to boston," and "wibble town/wobble town." he loves to be upside down.
loves to go through my diaper bag and pull everything out
is a total screamer. if he is frustrated or isn't getting what he wants or is hungry, he screams. and it's a loud scream. it's no secret he isn't happy. 
once he's finished eating, he wants his bib off right away. often he tries to pull it off and screams when he can't get it off.
likes to chew on flip flops (yuck)
is going through a stage where he is hesitant to go to other people. especially if we are in the room.
is an awesome eater. he eats anything and everything, which is fantastic! he reminds me of emma when she was a baby (definitely not now though, she is picky!)
wants to do whatever Logan and Emma are doing and be wherever they are. luckily they are so good to play with him. i love when they run down the hall and i can hear connor crawling as fast as he can to follow them.
loves to "wrestle" with dave and the other kids
especially loves logan and will climb all over him when he's on the ground.
loves to swing
loves books. "mirror me" continues to be a favorite and "10 little ladybugs" tops the favorite list right now.
doesn't smile as often as he used to. he has a serious look going on right now.
gives logan the best belly laughs. i don't know how logan does it, but he is the best at getting the big belly laughs out of connor (it's the same with emma).
just got his 4th tooth on the bottom
sleeps with his bum in the air and loves to have his blanket bunched up under him
is snuggly! he's by far our snuggliest baby and it is the best. it is not unusual for him to crawl up to me an put his head on my lap if i'm sitting or on my feet if i'm standing. 
is a mama's boy. i love hearing him say "mama, mama, mama" over and over again.
is hangry! seriously, his sweet little personality becomes bearish when he is hungry and food is the only thing to get him back to himself. i swear he must be going through a growth spurt too because he eats tons. 
has discovered the "drop game" and thinks it is great!
loves peek-a-boo
loves the bath and has tried to crawl into the bathtub. as soon as i turn the water on, he crawls as fast as he can to get there.
loves to dance to music. he will stand and hold onto the table and bounce or bounce while he's sitting.
loves to open cupboards, especially the ones he shouldn't get into like under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. he might be the first baby i actually have to baby proof for. he also loves to play in the tupperware cupboard and scatter them all over the kitchen.
the second he hears the fridge or dishwasher open, he is crawling as fast as he can to get there.
babbles tons. and it sure seems like he is really telling us something a lot of the time.
is starting to rock the mullet. i think it's time for a haircut!
loves watson the glo worm and his lovey

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