Saturday, July 5, 2014

connor: 11 months

he's started making this funny face
he loves his blanket and lovie. he puts it under his nose usually, just like logan did.
emma is a very attentive sister. maybe sometimes more attentive than connor would prefer ;)
it seems nearly impossible that connor turned 11 months old last week. i am in total disbelief that in less than a month he will be one (to be honest, it makes me so sad. it's going too fast). i'm not quite sure where the last year has gone. he is at such a fun age right now! these days:

he is clapping (it's the cutest)
he is so wiggly when changing his diaper or getting him dressed. the moment you lay him down, he flips over and sits up. it is maddening!
he is through with baby food. he eats whatever we eat. some of his favorites are turkey lunchmeat, pancakes, applesauce, blueberries. pretty much whatever we put in front of him!
he is pulling up on everything and starting to move along furniture.
he gets into everything. he is our little explorer.
the second the refrigerator opens, he makes a beeline for it, crawling as fast as he can. same goes for the dishwasher.
he is standing up in his crib.
he loves the bath and splashing in the tub. once he hears the water turn on, if we don't get him there fast enough he starts getting upset. he also loves being in the bath with emma and logan.
he is mesmerized with the ceiling fan
he loves banging toys together and banging them on the table
he wants to be doing whatever emma and logan are doing and gets sad if he is left out (which obviously happens since he's still too little and can't do stuff with them. like legos, which are really big at our house right now)
he has begun to play the "drop game" (dropping something, we pick it up, he drops it again, etc. etc.)
driving toy cars and making "vroom" sound effects. i remember logan doing this around this same age and being totally amazed because it wasn't something we taught him. pushing a car around and making "vroom" noises just seemed innate. and i was just as surprised when connor did it. he even turns other objects into cars and drives them, like an empty egg carton he found!
he doesn't like sleeping with a blanket and kicks it off immediately.
he's been on a spurt of bad sleeping since we got back from utah. i think he must be going through a growth spurt because he'll wake up around 5:30 starving, have a bottle and go back to sleep for another couple of hours. we're working on getting him to sleep until a reasonable time though.
he sleeps pressed against the crib edges
he is ticklish
he has started doing this scream when he doesn't get his way or is frustrated or just wants to get our attention. sometimes it is cute (at the least the face he makes is cute).
1st free cookie from king soopers! he loved it (and was also a huge mess)

it wasn't me! one of his favorite spots to play
he gets into some sticky situations with all his exploring
he can eat from these pouches by himself now and it's pretty awesome!

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