Friday, April 4, 2014


2 different weeks in march we were lucky enough to have cousins visit for spring break (first the rawlings and then the taylors). 
we were able to celebrate myles' birthday while they were here. i don't know if there is a 10 year old that is full of such love for little kids as myles. 
logan loved playing legos with carter and cade
connor is wearing an outfit that was first worn by josh 12 years ago (and has been worn by 4 other rawlings & wessler boys). that is some quality by baby gap!
frozen! and yes, there was singing (as much from me as from the kids)
i can't wait to watch the friendship these 2 will have as they get older
i'm already anxiously awaiting our reunion in august where we'll all be together, including the todds! august just seems too far away though. 

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