Saturday, March 22, 2014

potty training rock star

near the beginning of last month i decided to potty train this girl. this wasn't the first time i tried, but i had high hopes since she was 8 months older than the last time and mainly because she had been going pee in the toilet about once a day for about a month. and let me say this time was soo much better [i'm a big believer in waiting a little bit longer (and paying for those dang expensive diapers a bit longer) and having them potty trained within a few days, rather than potty training for months (and months) because they weren't ready]. this girl was ready and she rocked it! 
excited and proud to be wearing big girl undies!
her treat and prize for going potty in the toilet the first time
love those little buns in undies
she got jasmine for her princess castle for going poop in the potty
there's really not too much to tell. she did fantastic and only had a couple of accidents while potty training and they were while she was sleeping. and it didn't take her long to start staying dry in bed. the last couple of weeks she has started waiting too long before going to the bathroom and so she makes it to the bathroom, but not to the toilet. let's just say we're trying to put an end to that quickly! i'm so proud of her and can't believe what a big girl she is! and she is so proud of herself. she loves to tell people that she's a big girl. and it's really nice to only have to buy diapers for 1 kid now!

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