Sunday, June 24, 2012

mile high cougar run

a few weeks ago dave and i ran a byu alumni 5K. 
it was hot, there wasn't any water on the course, there was some serious off-roading with the stroller and the kids definitely got bounced around (emma's hat even got bounced off). it felt way harder than a 5K usually is (and i couldn't believe how totally wasted i felt afterward), but we finished! and had some seriously red faces to show for it.
logan and emma were sporting their cute byu shirts, which logan calls his b-i-u shirt.
my friend seth took this picture on the final stretch (a hill) of the race. if you can't tell, i want to die :) i kinda wanted to cry when i saw that hill and i think i was barely running and able to push the kids up that thing. but i did. woohoo!


Cara said...

you're amazing! look at you go!

Holly said...

did you volunteer to run with the kids? I'd hate to run up a hill....okay, I'd hate to run, but it sounds even worse pushing the kids up too!