Wednesday, June 13, 2012

hose + water = endless fun

this past saturday i attended a photography workshop, "say no to auto" put on by photographer kristen duke. i had actually heard about the class before and thought, "that class sounds perfect for me. i have no idea how to use my camera and i always shoot on auto." well lucky me, she was passing through colorado and holding a workshop and really lucky me, i entered a contest on a blog to attend the class and won! woohoo! so i learned the basics about shooting manually and adjusting my ISO, aperature (f-stop), and shutter speed. of course now i actually have to practice so i'm not tempted to switch back to auto (it's easier). on monday the kids were playing outside and i decided to practice a little. just remember, i'm learning ;)
these picture just feel like summer to me! i love watching them play together. it's amazing how anything with water is instant fun.
i think logan had just doused emma with cold water in the crying picture below. and of course i took a picture before comforting her. we're trying to raise tough kids ;) haha!
if you look closely at the picture of logan below, i caught him jumping and his feet aren't touching the ground!
and just a few bonus pictures of last week when we were watering the grass and logan just couldn't resist running through the sprinklers. 
his pants got so wet they kept falling down! haha!
and emma watched longingly from the back door. she just needs to start walking so she can join in the fun (she doesn't like the feel of grass and of course that is only magnified i'm sure with our grass being so errr...crappy!)

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Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

SO cute! I love Kristen Duke, and I'm jealous you got to take her class!! :) Great pics!